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While religious activities remain at the core, the primary objective is to create a bond with the community with the dual purpose

– to provide life solutions to the people guided by Hindu traditional values &

– to be a change agent in society through ones thought, speech & action.

In line with this objective, Swamiji has been pioneering ‘Ganga Sena’ campaign under ‘Sri Maa Ganga Nirmal Sanrakshan Samiti’. Swamiji has played a key role in guiding people to keep Ganga pollution free, to involve community in Clean Ganga initiative & also garnered Govt support for his initiative.

Swamiji says ‘Yoga is the only power through which a man can understand himself & feel the union with the divine. Yoga is not for a section of the people, but is for all.’
Swamiji has been regularly conducting Yoga workshops for Army personnel, executive in private sector companies & people at large. Depending on the requirements of the people following workshops are conducted:

  • 20 minute Capsule
  • 35 minute Capsule
  • 65 minute Capsule


Swamiji has been conducting various programmes guiding people on life issues through Vedic knowledge. Some of his key programmes include:

What can I do after 60?
The question of ‘What Next’ beckons every individual when he/she attains retirement from work or when the physical capabilities are not sufficient to back future vision. Swamiji provides guidance on how to view oneself at that crucial juncture of one’s life & establish oneself as a guiding pillar for the family & society.

What can I do after Class 12?
This is a guiding programme for students after they have completed Class 12 that aims to help them identify their potential strengths & choose a field of work that best suits their interests & capabilities. Swamiji has played a key role in guiding the youth is discovering their identity & purpose in life.

My Life My Wife
Marriage has a special significance in Indian culture & through the programme Swamiji guides people on the importance of marriage as stated in Vedanta & also guides on how to maintain balance in a marriage & nurture a happy & healthy relationship.

How I can live my life?
This programme is typically targeted for people in the age group of 25-35 years of age who are trying to balance their life between career & family. With the mounting pressures at work place & rising expectations of the family, Swamiji endeavours to guide people on how to have a work-life balance & lead a stress free life.

Swamiji has been linking his spirituality to Social responsibility. Swamiji has been conducting public discourses on religious teachings, in schools/ colleges guiding youth, in corporates guiding people on life issues & to the community at large making them socially responsible citizens. Swamiji is a Guest lecturer at 6 Universities – Allahabad University, Awadh University, Sagar University, Uttarakhand University, Gurukul Kangri University & Sampurananand University.

Swamji has also been traveling world-wide guiding & inspiring people through his teachings & wisdom.